Independent Travel Advisor

Beverly Fish

Specialties & Interests: Luxury Cruising  , Culture, History & Arts Travel  ,  Custom Travel

Recent Destinations & Favorites: European Holiday Markets, Scandinavia, British Isles, Middle East , Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

I began my career in the travel business 35+ years ago [29 years of which have been with Woodlake Travel], and have had the good fortune to visit each of the 7 continents.  In many cases I have been able to visit the world, one country at a time by way of self drive, small group journeys, and luxury cruising, truly immersing myself and my travel companions in the many sights, cultures, and sounds of these magical places. In recent years I’ve have had the experience of vacationing with my walking challenged husband, which is a task not quite as daunting as it may appear. I am happy to share the pre-planning that is required with such a travel companion, as it is really not as difficult as might be imagined. I thoroughly enjoy working with clients and friends to put together trips and experiences that meet and exceed travel expectations.

Traveling with a walking challenged companion is not as daunting as may be expected, provided you are well prepared in advance.  Help at airports are readily available, however not every airport is the wizard as is Frankfurt or Munich. Still, it can be easily surmounted with the proper pre planning.  Our last 2 years we have sailed on Seabourn..The Ovation and The Odyssey…both memorable and incomparable.  Seabourn is, in my opinion, the Rolls Royce of the cruise industry.  Service, food, itineraries and overall experience just extraordinary. On the Ovation northern British Isles inclusive of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo..THE MOST EXCITING SHOW WE HAVE EVER SEEN..and on the Odyssey.. Northern Morocco and the Canary Islands…simply wonderful.