Travel Specialist

Bette Prochaska

Specialties & Interests: Custom travel, Family and Multigenerational Travel, Safaris, History and Culture, Ocean Cruises

Recent Destinations & Favorites: East African Safari, Mediterranean Cruise, Greece and Turkey, Europe, India, Canada, South America

I love to arrange unique tailor-made journeys for my clients – history and culture tours, adventure and family travel, cruises – that provide genuine opportunities to immerse themselves in a new destination. During my 30+ years as a travel advisor I’ve helped my clients explore the world by showcasing both cultural favorites and some of the more off-the -beaten path destinations in Europe, and beyond .

I often work with multigenerational family groups.  For one extended family of 28 family members, I’ve had the pleasure over the past several years to organize their adventures on luxury cruises in Europe and Alaska, with all details planned so that each age group has a wonderful, memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

Some of my favorite travel memories have been experiencing Italy in a Tuscan villa, tasting some of the best seafood I’ve ever had in Portugal, witnessing the mysterious and beautiful combination of East and West in Istanbul, and falling in love with the people and animals of East Africa.