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The luxury of first class service, fine cuisine, beautiful surroundings – if this is the type of vacation holiday you are seeking, look no further. We’re Woodlake Travel Services, Houston’s resident luxury travel specialists. For over 35 years we’ve been providing sophisticated travelers with unique and unforgettable experiences culminating in journeys of a lifetime.

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Shopping online for the best deal is always a losing proposition. Not only are the best deals unavailable, they are generally stripped down to "appear" like great deals! In fact, they are often the least desired packages that couldn't be sold!

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We care why you're traveling! We all have different motivations, so getting to know you and your interests allow us to understand your preferences, and overall style, in ways that result in meaningful travel experiences that you won't soon forget!


We’ve been there! We put our experiences and knowledge to work for you.  Our love for all things travel has taken our team of travel advisors around the world, and our affiliation with the prestigious Virtuoso luxury travel network gives us access to an incredible trove of resources! 


 travel advocate 

Your travel advisor is there for the duration of your travel experience. While we never expect challenging occurrences to arise while traveling, if they do, it is comforting to know your travel advisor is available to act as a ‘fixer,’ rather than being at the mercy of an ‘800’ number.


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