Woodlake travel update

After years of providing unprecedented travel experiences, Woodlake Travel is merging with Global Travel Collections (GTC). GTC proudly represents the largest and most sophisticated global community of travel industry agents and agencies serving luxury leisure, VIP corporate, and entertainment travel needs. They are a major player in the luxury travel space and the largest agency members of Virtuoso. Moving forward as a GTC advisor, we will provide the same great service, attention to detail, and value that we have done for you in the past.


December 7th is our official transition date . You can continue to reach us at our current phone numbers and our new email addresses are listed below.


Thank you for the loyalty and trust you have placed in Woodlake Travel and our advisors over the years and we look forward to working with you on your next trip.

Karen Bavoso


Sheilah Benoit


Beverly Fish


Bettie Harding Lee 


Sandra Ortiz



Bette Prochaska


Peggy Sue Taylor